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B.L., 12/30/20

Wonderful and professional staff. Very pleased with Attorney Baird and the time and attention given to
my case. Attorney Baird and his team put the
client first.


J.S., 6/1/20

The customer service was excellent.  I will recommend this law firm to everyone!


N.M., 10/22/19

Mr. Kenneth Baird is a true professional. He will get the​ job done!  You will get good results with his law firm.​​


S.M., 7/2/19

The Baird Law Firm was very helpful.  Whenever I called, all questions were answered.  Never a runaround!  I will use this firm again.​


S.G., 6/19/19

The Baird Law Firm was excellent at helping me with my case!  They were very helpful, respectful, and resourceful.  Professional service every time they called me or if I called with any questions.


San Antonio Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.  He's a very powerful, hardworking, and formidable attorney.


R.P. 9/9/21

Ken and his firm went over and above to ensure I received the highest settlement possible. Very responsive to all emails and calls.

Ken will be a great advocate for anyone that enlists his services.


S.B., 9/3/20

I experienced excellent service! My case was handled in a professional and friendly manner. Everyone was very efficient and my case was settled sooner than projected. I will definitely recommend this law firm. I already have two people.


T.D., 8/13/23

Let me start by saying that the staff was extremely nice and helped me to understand the logistics of my case. I felt as though their heart was put into their work. Mr Baird continued to keep me in the loop throughout my whole case. Very informed.

*** Settlement figures are expressed in gross terms before reductions for attorney's fees and expenses.
All cases are dependent upon their own unique set of facts and no recovery can ever be guaranteed.


  • The Baird Law Firm obtained a $150,000 settlement for a contractor who was injured while performing services in a homeowner's attic.

  • The Baird Law Firm obtained a $125,000 settlement for a client who was injured due to a defective staircase at an apartment complex.

  • The Baird Law Firm settled a slip-and-fall case against a major retail chain for $325,000. The client fell after two store employees left an area unattended with cleaning solution on the floor. Prior to suit, an adjustor offered the client $5,000.

  • The Baird Law Firm prevailed in a jury trial for a client who was rear ended while stopped at a traffic light. The jury verdict was more than two and a half the insurance carrier's final settlement offer which was made a week before trial.


  • The Baird Law Firm prevailed on an appeal before the First Court of Appeals involving the definition of a healthcare liability claim for purposes of Texas' medical malpractice statute. The Court agreed that being struck by a beverage cart on the premises of a hospital has no substantive connection to healthcare and does not require an expert report from a physician setting the applicable standard of care. Several months after the opinion was released, the case settled for $200,000.

  • The Baird Law Firm settled a slip-and-fall case against a convenience store for a client who fell on a wet floor in the restroom for $55,000. The insurance carrier commenced settlement negotiations immediately after the lawsuit was filed.

  • The Baird Law Firm obtains three policy limits settlements from major auto insurance companies for three different clients within three months.


  • The Baird Law Firm obtains a policy limits settlement for a client who was rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident in San Antonio. An additional recovery was made under the underinsured motorist provision of the Client's policy with her own carrier.

  • The Baird Law Firm settles a claim with a major retail store for $50,000. The client slipped and fell in the frozen foods aisle thereby injuring her knee. The store had denied responsibility before the client retained The Baird Law Firm's services.

  • The Baird Law Firm prevails on behalf of a small business client in an unemployment benefits dispute with the Texas Workforce Commission. The Baird Law Firm was able to establish that the employee was fired for cause after violating company policies, thereby reversing the original order awarding benefits with the employer avoiding any liability for back-charges or other payments. The claimant's version of events fell apart during cross-examination.


  • The Baird Law Firm settles rear-end car accident with a commercial insurance carrier for $359,000. Client was rear-ended and pushed through the intersection by the driver of a commercial truck who had been drinking beer before the accident.


  • The Baird Law Firm resolves a personal injury claim for a client who was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle for $600,000. Although the defendant initially attempted to label the accident as low impact, The Baird Law Firm was able to establish the seriousness of the client's neck injuries and their causation to the accident through medical and biomechanical evidence.

  • The Baird Law Firm settles a claim against a major retail store without the need for litigation, thereby minimizing costs and maximizing the client's recovery, for more than two times the client's medical expenses. The client was shopping when a shelf collapsed and struck her head and shoulder.
    The Baird Law Firm settles a dog bite case for more than five times the client's medical expenses. Although a lawsuit had to be filed, the responsible party's insurance carrier immediately commenced settlement negotiations in order to avoid further litigation and trial.

  • The Baird Law Firm obtains a settlement agreement of $90,000 for two clients who were struck by a City of Galveston van. The claims were brought under the Texas Tort Claims Act and were resolved several weeks prior to trial.

  • The Baird Law Firm obtains a settlement for two clients who were involved in a rear-end car accident in Bexar County. The insurance carrier defended the case on a legal technicality and made a low settlement offer prior to a hearing on the Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment, taking the position that the Motion for Summary Judgment would be a sure win. After the Motion for Summary Judgment was defeated, the insurance carrier paid more than four times the amount of the initial offers approximately a week after the hearing in order to avoid trial.


  • The Baird Law Firm reaches a settlement agreement of $550,000 for two clients who sustained serious injuries after their car was struck by a hotel shuttle van.

  • The Baird Law Firm resolves a slip and fall claim against a major retail store and a restaurant contained within the retail store for $60,000. Evidence showed that the restaurant's employees knew of the hazardous condition but failed to remedy the condition or warn the store's customers about it.

  • The Baird Law Firm successfully resolves a non-subscriber case for an employee of a major retail store who was assaulted on the job by a customer. The store initially denied the claim, hiding behind a misplaced legal argument as to causation as well as an arbitration clause in the client's employment agreement. After defeating two separate motions to compel arbitration, The Baird Law Firm was able to successfully resolve the case in favor of the injured employee.

  • The Baird Law Firm negotiates a resolution to a real estate case for twelve percent of the plaintiff's original demand thereby saving the client additional legal fees and allowing the client to redirect its focus away from the litigation and towards its business.

  • Kenneth Baird selected to Texas Rising Stars for 2016, marking his fourth consecutive selection. Texas Rising stars are selected by Thomson Reuters and published annually in Texas Monthly.
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